Jennifer has been married to her husband Robert for 17 years and they have two wonderful daughters together.  Jennifer loves spending her days with her kids and cherishes their family time.  She is working on her sixth year of homeschooling.  Once upon a time Jennifer was a public school teacher who never dreamed of homeschooling.  After leaving the school system she couldn’t imagine not spending her days with her kids.  Jennifer is thankful that all the credentials she worked hard to obtain are being used where they mean the most, with her own children.  Her family loves to travel, camp, explore, hunt, and make memories together.

Jennifer moved to Tennessee in May 2016 from Northern Arizona.  Her family loves being here and exploring what the area has to offer.  Nashville Homeschool Calendar helped her family meet many great families and explore places they wouldn’t have otherwise thought to check out.  Jennifer is thankful she was able to take over this group and continue to help families connect with one another through fun, educational, and enriching field trips.


Cara is married to Brian and they have a son, Owen, that is 9 years old. They hope to adopt additional children. Cara was actually born and raised in Nashville so she gets to call this great city home. She and Brian have their own business that keeps them busy but they’ve made homeschooling a priority since before they had Owen. Her background is in Pharmaceutical sales but not having a teacher background didn’t keep her from jumping in full force.

As a family, they love to travel (mostly out West), kayak, hike, camp, ride bikes, play sports and do anything outdoors. They are huge sports fans and can be seen at all kind of local sporting events and watching Owen play baseball, hockey, and basketball. Alabama football is their favorite! Because of their love for sports and outdoors, and since they have their own business, homeschooling has been a great fit. Cara loves helping lead field trips with Nashville Homeschool Calendar and getting to meet many other families with the same interests!


Justin Near is a homeschooling mom of two who recently joined another homeschooling family for a total of 7 people in one household – as if homeschooling wasn’t enough of an adventure! A few years ago, she helped merge the Nashville Inclusive Homeschoolers with the Nashville Homeschool Calendar and has been an active member ever since. You are most likely to see Justin at the theater as she hosts many of the older-age TPAC HOT shows. And if you ever have an idea but don’t necessarily want to host, Justin is nearly always up for trying something new.

Justin’s family is also very active with the Nashville Waldorf Homeschoolers, and from that relationship grew a small business, LoMaNa (, which sells many natural fiber-based products, some even made by kids.


Melissa is mom to three daughters, Summer (9), Kadence (6), Violet (1). She has homeschooled from the beginning and loves the great resources that Nashville offers homeschooling families.
Prior to having her own children, Melissa taught in public schools as a string orchestra teacher. She currently works as a professional violinist regularly performing with The Corwin Trio, she teaches violin lessons, and is a conductor with the Tennessee Youth Symphony. She finds that homeschooling is the perfect fit for her family’s non-traditional work schedule.
Melissa has always had a passion for educating children and now she believes that educating her own children is her most important work. She is so thankful for the wonderful community she has found through Nashville Homeschool Calendar and is excited help provide field trip opportunities for NHC families.


Stephanie Becker was first exposed to homeschooling as a tutor for a family in the early 2000’s when she first moved to Nashville. She tutored the same two kids once a week for 5 years and knew when she started a family, she wanted to at least attempt homeschool for her own children. Luckily, Stephanie met and married Greg, a songwriter and as counter culture as she. They have three children (ages 11, 9 and 7) and are raising and educating them without any formal training in either area!
Stephanie enjoys many things about homeschooling. She most enjoys the side-effect of homeschooling, her personal education! Stephanie is grateful for every book checked out from the library and every book she’s lucky to own; every field trip with NHC; every sibling squabble and mess to clean up- every shared learning adventure with her kids is part of her education and a blessing.


Tara Wohlford has been happily married for 17 years. She and John have 3 children: Will–age 12, and two daughters, Gemma and Aaralyn, ages 9 and 6. She has homeschooled her children for about 6 1/2 years and has a mostly Charlotte Mason style (though it can be fun to switch things up at times!).
Tara is passionate about her Christian parenting homeschool blog, Minivan Ministries. She also loves photography, quilting, and anything crafty. Few things would make her happier than to get an RV and travel around the country with her family and speak at homeschool conventions.
In her “previous life” Tara taught public school for 10 years, obtained a masters degree as a reading specialist, and her National Board Certification for teachers. She also served full time in children’s ministry for 2 years. She loves the adventure and variety that this area has to offer. Field trips enrich our lives!